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Custom Double Skin Panel Cloud Bridge Free Air Handling Units

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: New
Certification: ISO9001, CE,
Model Number: SC-5000AHU3
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Wooden case
Delivery Time: 35 days after got deposit
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 100sets/month

Detail Information

AHU Type: Worhshop Power Supply: 380V 3ph 50hz
Optional Class: G4+F7+HEAP Air Flow Range:: 3500m3/h
Double Skin Panel:: 50mm PU Insulation Fan Type:: AC Fan
Condition: New After-sales Service Provided: Free Spare Parts
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Cloud Bridge Free Air Handling Units


Double Skin Panel Air Handling Units

Product Description

Customized products Modular Combined air conditioning unit factory Air Handing Unit


High Efficiency Air Handling Unit


Vertical Type & Horizontal Type & Slim Mounted are available


Main Features:


1. Cloud Bridge Free Design, aluminum frame

2. Double Skin Construction Panel with 25mm and 50mm option

3. Famous Brand Belt Drive Fan, low noise

4. High Quality Aluminum Fin with Copper Tube Cooling Coil

5. Pre-filter, Bag Filter and HEPA filter available etc.


Product Application

Custom Double Skin Panel Cloud Bridge Free Air Handling Units 0


1/Both supply fan and exhaust fan are built inside tobring in fresh air and exhaust out the stale

indoor air as well, thus to keep indoor space in natural comfort. 2/Built-in heat exchanger

(rotary heat exchanger or plate heat exchanger) transfers energy contained in the outgoing

indoor air to the coming fresh air,thus fresh air is precooled or preheated. 3/Various

functional sections such as filter section,cooling/heating section, humidifying section etc.





Custom Double Skin Panel Cloud Bridge Free Air Handling Units 1Custom Double Skin Panel Cloud Bridge Free Air Handling Units 2

Custom Double Skin Panel Cloud Bridge Free Air Handling Units 3Custom Double Skin Panel Cloud Bridge Free Air Handling Units 4


Industrial AHU




1. Hinged access door for industrial ahu

Inward/outward opening design; outward opening is used in the negative pressure section;

Inward opening is adopted in the positive pressure section, to reduce air leakage and ease daily maintenace.


2. Air dampers for industrial ahu

Type: the sealed foil multi-vane regulating valve can be arranged as manual or automatic regulating type.

Structure: aluminum alloy or high-strength galvanized steel plate vanes, frame, transmission shaft, transmission gear, sealing strip, sealing block.

Features: gear transmission and vane opening angle are in the linear ratio relation, H=0.035, ideal valve regulation function.

Applications: used for the manual or automaatic regulation of air flow supply, distribution. throttling and bypass.


3. Cabinet accessories for industrial ahu

Two-layer transparent thermal insulation window, 24V anti-damp, anti-explosion inspection lamp, safety switch for access door, water seal, starting control cabinet, and so on.


4. Fan for industrial ahu

AMCA certified global brand fans, DIDW type, forward or backward centrifugal fans, subject to trict static and dynamic balance tests, with balance precision no lower than that of ISO1940-G4.0 standard.

Taper-sleeve bearings are used for the fans to reduce the vibrantion caused by the eccentric-lock bearings; the attached SKF or NSK bearings have service life longer than 7500 hours in designed working condition.

Major parts of the fan: impeller, shaft and volute casing have service life no less than 15 years in normal use conditions.

Low runnig noise, high efficiency, mighty structure and stable performance.

Professional CAD software is used for design optimization, can satisfy the air quantity and air pressure requirements for large scope of applications.


5. Motor for industrial ahu

Air-cooled hermetic three-phase asynchronous motor is used, enjoys protection level IP54.

Grade F insulation and higher reliability and service life.

Energy-saving: optimized motor design boasts higher efficiency and great energy saving effect.

The bearing enjoys service life longer than 75000 hours in designed working condition, and the whole machines is no less than 15 years.

Standard power supply: 380V/3P/50Hz


6. Vibration isolation system for industrial ahu

Independent suspension up-down vibration isolation system makes fan and motor run quietly, reduce the noise and energy consumption caused by air turbulence.

The closed self-locking damper combines the characteristics of rubber absorber, air damping and spring damping, with efficiency up to 90%.

An integral base holds the fan and the motor, and according to the load distribution of the parts, corresponding dampers are configured to prevent jumping, andti-vibration and resonance, ensure the fan and motor run smoothly and comfortably.

A flexible joint is used for the cabinet and fan connection, avoids vibration transmission, and the flexible joint material conforms to fire prevention requirements.


7. Transmission system for industrial ahu

Taper-sleeve type pulleys are used, boast precise machining, good static and dynamic balance, and easy disassembly.

Narrow V-belt transmission, enhanced flexibility and contact area; strong layer shifts up, with transmission efficency </=90%; high transmission power, high frequency flexibility, long service life and can withstand higher preload.

Fan and motor are installed on the C-base, can be regulated vertically or horizontally, to increase the parallelism of the twin-shaft and the pulley and have smoothe belt transmission.


8. Heat exchanger for industrial ahu

Cold water coil, refrigerant gas coil, hot water coil, steam coil, condenser coil and heat recycle coil.

All coils are subject to optimized design with professional CAD software, not only fully meet the requirements fo typical working conditions, but cater for customer's specific working conditions.

Main structure of high-efficiency coil:

1) staggered copper tubes are connected to honeycomb corrugated aluminum fins, not only provide adequate gas side disturbance and high heat transfer efficiency, but reduce gas side resistance.

2) two flanges and mechanical expansion joint make the aluminum fins and copper tube in close contact, reduce thermal resistance.

3) Circuit process and optimized design take into account higher liquid side heat exchange efficiency and lower liquid side resistance.

4) A variety of sheet distance and tube row combinations can meet the need of wide scope of heating.

When corrosion and acid/alkali protection function is required, coated aluminum or copper fins are proposed. In addition to cold water coil, there are refrigerant gas coil, hot water coil, steam coil, condenser coil etc. available.

All coils are subject to 2.5MPa air pressure leak test.

High temperature difference at liquid side: low-flow, high-cycle, large pipe row coil design, widely used for ice storage, salt water and ethylene glycol series, suitable for the temperature.

High termperature difference at gas side: hierarchical homogeneous temperature refrigeration, high-flow, high-density, multiple row coil design, widely used for the needs of fresh air cooling, dehumidification and small-flow quick cooling.

Coil pipe inlet and outlet may have tread (standard), flange or clamping slot or other optional interface types.

Standard face velocity</=2.4m/s, the backsides of high wind-speed coils are configured multi-folding trench type water baffle, water flow</=0.31g/kg dry air at air speed 3.5m/s.


9. Drain pan for industrial ahu

The drain pan designed at the bottom enjoys unique split-level large slope dry structure, can effectively restrain sewage retention and bacteria growth.

The middle water tray is used in the two upper-lower parallel coils, to prevent a great deal of water depositing on the lower coil, and increase the heat transfer efficiency of the two coils.

Drain pan outlet enjoys direct external thread connection, and the external water seal(optional) ensures smooth water drainage without overflow.

Allwater trays are subject to water test and leak test.


10. Heater for industrial ahu

Can be attached by steam coil, hot water coil, condenser coil, heat recycle coil, secondary air box, fin heating tube, PTC heating tube and so on.


11. Low-temperature dehumidifying wheel for industrial ahu

A wheel dehumidification equipment with special dry absorbent on the surface is used in connection with the air handler, improves comfort.

At the air handling side, the low-temperature high-humidity gas is adsorbed by the wheel; when the wheel turns to the high-temperature exhaust side, the adsorbed water is drained to the outside, achieving the dehumidification purpose.

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